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“I have had the pleasure of working with Dianna Burley extensively during the past 2+ years on a high-rise residential project (in which she was a construction supervisor). I have also engaged Dianna as an inspector and consultant on several smaller projects during the feasibility and construction phases.

Dianna is much more than a typical residential home inspector. She possesses considerable expertise in all facets of construction. Her education, training and available resources make Dianna a virtual library of information. This is punctuated by her professionalism and passion for her work.

When it comes to construction, if I need expert advice I call Dianna Burley with D&S Home Inspection.”

Alan Holt

Holt Residential

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The inspection report is precise, and clear. Thank you! I think once we obtain the quotes for the main repairs indicated, we can proceed. You’ve been a great help, and your involvement has taken away some of my fears of the “unknowns” Your services are thorough and professional.

Thank you again.


Cindy S.

Following is a client’s review from Angie’s List:

Description of Work:
Dianna handled the home inspection and septic inspection. She scheduled the termite inspection and the septic tank pumping. The septic pump was $250, the termite was $75, the inspection was $525. My Realtor contacted her July 5th and all the work was completed by July 10. (We called on Thursday and all was completed on Tuesday).

Member Comments:
I am out of state and I spoke to Dianna twice on the phone. She was very friendly and knowledgeable. The work was done in a very timely manner. The reports are thorough and detailed with lots of pictures and recommendations. The report was emailed to me and I can pick up a copy when I get there.
Susan C.

“You did a very thorough inspection — we were very impressed with the completeness of the report. Thanks! Would have been nice to stay long enough to be there in person while you did the inspection, but living so far away made it impossible timewise.”


Laurie L.


In addition to expressing my thanks to you for two very efficient and friendly home inspections in the last month or so, I really wanted you to know how much I value receiving my inspection reports online.

Obviously, printed reports “get the job done,” but they’re often time-consuming and laborious to read — especially in context with photos. Having high-resolution photographs alongside the text they pertain to makes reading, interpreting and evaluating the inspector’s findings much faster and more understandable. Moreover, I’m able to extend electronic access to the reports to anyone else I’d like to bring into the process. Your online service also allows the homebuyer to preserve the documentation much more permanently than a paper printout.

After using your service, I definitely wouldn’t go to anyone else,

Brian C.